Exhibition: ‘A Trek through Time’

  • Ireland

  • 07 - 26 November 2017

  • 00:00
  • FREE

Donegal County Archives (The Archives Service of Donegal County Council) is currently touring its major new exhibition, which focuses on images and stories from Co. Donegal’s history, as reflected in some of its major Archives collections. The exhibition consists of twelve panels, each highlighting one of the Archives’ myriad collections or a theme strongly represented in the collections. These are: Arts and the Archives; Donegal Grand Jury; The Railways of Co. Donegal; Schools & Schooling in Co. Donegal; The Joseph Murray Collection; The Workhouses of Donegal; The GAA in Co. Donegal; Exotic and Eccentric Donegal; Donegal Archives of Emigration; Maps of Donegal; Elections & the Electorate; Ladies of Donegal. https://www.facebook.com/DonegalCountyArchives/

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