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  • East Midlands of England

  • 25 November 2018

  • 11:00
  • FREE

March 2020 marks the anniversary of the opening of the Leicester School of Art on 1 March 1870. Over the next 150 years the organisation would grow, merge, change its name and eventually become De Montfort University. The #DMUHeritage team are inviting contributions from former staff and students to help us celebrate this significant milestone. We are looking for memories, documents, photographs, objects, artworks and similar that relate to the history of DMU and its predecessors. These may be used in an exhibition, ‘150 Years, 150 Stories’, to be held at DMU and locations across Leicester, with an accompanying book and website. Any recorded memories and items or documents can be donated to become part of the historical materials held at DMU Special Collections. #DMUHeritage are holding a “Meet the Archivists” session during Heritage Sunday on 25 November 2018. We will be available for a chat between 11 and 3 in Trinity Hospital Chapel on the DMU Campus. There will be a display celebrating the contribution of DMU's predecessor the Leicester Municipal Technical and Art School to the First World War.

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