Rotherham Archives and Local Studies – Murder Mystery at the Museum

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  • 18 - 25 November 2017

  • 10:00
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Rotherham Archives and Local Studies presents Murder Mystery at the Museum. The year is 1880. Her Majesty Queen Victoria is on the throne. A horrible crime has taken place. We need budding detectives, people who can rise to the challenge and help solve a murder. You can work alone, in a pair (like our very own Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson), or in a team (like our American brothers in the Pinkerton Detective Agency). All detectives use notes, to help them remember what they've discovered and to help them to decide what to do next, so be sure to pick up your detectives notes before beginning your search for clues. There are 10 clues hidden around the museum, find them all and use your skill and judgement to decide who murdered John Coe. Once you have decided 'whodunnit' write down the name of the murderer, then check the Rotherham Police case file to see if you are right. This file contains the name of the killer and the full story of this foul murder. There's no time to lose! The game is afoot, pick up your detective notes and catch that criminal! Safe hunting, and the best of British luck!

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