Taking Stock: The Third LMA Disability Conference

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  • London

  • 24 November 2017

  • 11:00
  • FREE

Teas and coffees will be served. Please note there are no food catering facilities on-site. You are welcome to bring a picnic. An exciting programme of presentations and workshops will open up our understanding and perceptions of impairment, disability and the lived experience of people from the past. What are our sources and how do they get created? What do they tell us? What don’t they tell us? Could they be misleading us? Come and join the big debate. Speakers include: Amy Oulton, Graphic Designer, Campaigner and Traveller – Amy is a wheelchair user who spent three months backpacking across Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan with her friend Steph. Find out what she experienced and discovered on this amazing journey Louise Bell, The National Archives – Prosthetics and the rehabilitation of disabled First World War veterans Stephanie Wright, University of Southampton – Exploring the history of disability through Roman archaeology Sally Bevan, London Metropolitan Archives – The Heart and Soul Oral History Project Voices speaking to the present and creating a record for the future Workshops. Choose A or B: 1. Project Building. How can good heritage ideas get turned into an effective and engaging project which contributes to our histories 2. The Ethical Dilemma Cafe. A chance to discuss some of the ethical concerns around creating collections, offering access and public engagement

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