The Jewellery Craft in Scotland, c.1780-1914

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  • Scotland

  • 29 November 2018

  • 14:00
  • Free

Dr Sarah Laurenson, Curator, National Museum of Scotland Scotland has a long history of producing jewellery by hand. The country has one of the most geologically diverse natural landscapes in the world. This talk looks at how jewellers of the 19th century crafted objects using materials sourced from the Scottish landscape including precious metals, coloured stones and freshwater pearls.   By exploring museum objects and archival documents - including family papers and business records - the talk will trace the making of jewellery from raw materials in the Scottish landscape, through the workshop and on to the bodies of  wearers. Historical sources reveal a picture of a vibrant and dynamic craft made up of a skilled body of producers who created a wide range of goods, from souvenirs to fashionable novelties to treasured heirlooms. By focusing on the relationship between makers and owners, we see how the desire for Scottish-made jewellery throughout the nineteenth century gave rise to new and revived trades and skills across both towns and rural areas.

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