Whose land is it anyway? Commons, smallholdings, allotments and gardens

  • South East of England

  • 01 January 2017

  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • Free

Many cherish their allotments but know little of their origin. Jeremy Burchardt, Department of History, University of Reading, will examines how the desperate poverty of rural labourers led to the provision of small portions of land for them to cultivate. Convened as part of the Being Human Festival of the Humanities, this series of events will explore freedom and examine the hopes and fears associated with Our Country Lives. It will touch on ownership, land use, labour, food, movement, and decision-making. At each event a different researcher will join a colleague from the Museums and Collections service. Together they will lead visitors on a conversational tour of the new Museum's displays before taking them behind the scenes where specially-selected itemsĀ  from the archives, library and object collections will form the basis of further discussion. Event held at: The Museum of English Rural Life, Redlands Road, Reading, Berkshire. RG1 5EX

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