What is an archive?

Archives are unique records which document the history of people, places and events.

They are created in a range of formats. Parchment, paper, volumes, images, photographs, digital records and objects can all be found. Businesses, governments, councils, schools and universities all have archives. In many cases, museums and libraries also preserve special collections linked to their objects.

An archive is also the buildings and rooms records are kept in. These rooms are generally temperature controlled and have specialist shelving to help ensure the long term preservation of the items being stored.

An introduction to archives

Different information professionals are responsible for the record at different stages of processing.

  • Records managers are responsible for effectively managing current information. These records can be in both physical or digital formats. Once these records are no longer in active use, but have been identified as having historical value, they are transferred to an archive.
  • Archivists are information professionals who processes, and provide access to these records.
  • Conservators are required throughout the process to carry out record repairs when needed. Extensive training means that fixing tears, re binding books and restoring paintings are just some of the specialist skills conservators have.

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Before the Archive

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Caring for Archives

More detail about particular archives.

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If you are interested to find out what working in an archive is like, take a look at this recruitment video produced by Heritage and Culture Warwickshire. Applications for this post closed on the 21st November 2022 but the information in the video is timeless!

Digital Preservation

Over the last 50 years the role of an archivist has adapted to include born digital and digitised material.

Peak inside real archives across the country

Archivists across the UK and Ireland have submitted images from their collections to the image gallery below. Click to see examples of images you could find when you visit a record office near you.

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