We have put together helpful archive user guides for educators, professionals and the general public.

So what is an archive? There are so many different types of archives, which one is the right to visit and how do I go around an archive?

Learning about archives

On this page you will find resources to help guide you and maximise your learning experience. Archives store a vast array of material, they are a great place to learn.

What is an archive?

Visit our page dedicated to the role of archives, understand the different types of archives that exist and what it is like working in an archive.

Archive User Guides

How to find your way around archives.

Our step-by-step resource guides make it easy to unlock the wealth of information and inspiration contained within archives.

We understand that starting your archival journey can be overwhelming. Our guides will walk you through the fundamentals.

From the national archives of the UK and Ireland to gallery, charity, and newspaper archives, we are working at curating a diverse range of guides to suit all interests. Each guide offers insights and practical tips to help make the most of your archival exploration.

First things first

A beginner’s guide of how to prepare for a visit to an archive.

National Archives

An overview of The National Archives, National Records of Scotland, National Library of Wales and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

University Collections

A place to start when planning to visit collections held in university archives and in special collections to carry out research.

Business Archives

Advice on where to find business archives, what they contain, and how their documents should be referenced.

Gallery Archives

An overview of how to get the most out of a trip to gallery archives, with advice on where to go, how to find relevant information, and how to reference it.

Local Authority Archives

An introduction to local authority archives, which specialise in their location’s nearby area.

Police Archives

How to detect and inspect police, law enforcement, and crime related archives.

Educational Resources

Ideas for educators to get the most out of archive collections.

Using Archives for Document Analysis

The resources below have been developed for those who want to use archives for document analysis projects in schools or community groups.

The sheets are completely generic to use in conjunction with any archive collection. They are split by year group and document type. Teachers notes are provided for ease of use.

Choose from the relevant resources below.

Professional Resources

Digital Preservation

For anyone interested in the world of digital preservation, the resources provided by the Digital Preservation Coalition are the best place to start.

Their free to access handbook provides a step-by-step guide, with demonstrations of free to access digital preservation tools.

In addition, further resources and help guides will be added and meanwhile, if you have a particular guide or resource you’d like to see included then contact us below.

Also if you are unable to access the resources via the website, please contact us using the form below.