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Learning is an activity which can be carried out by anyone at any stage of life. The varied content and format of archives makes them the perfect learning resource for a wide range of subjects. Archives are are being used in schools and community learning groups across the UK and Ireland to teach a range of subjects including History, English, Drama, Geography and Science.

Before using archives, as a learning resource, it is important that students understand what archives are, why they are important and why they are kept. The video below gives a short introduction to archives which is suitable for all ages and can be used as part of any lesson plan. The information provided on the What is an Archive page of this website may also be of use.

What is an Archive?

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The videos below add more detail about particular archives. if you would like to see your archive featured here, use the contact form below.

If you are interested to find out what working in an archive is like, take a look at this recruitment video produced by Heritage and Culture Warwickshire. Applications for this post close on the 21st November 2022 but the information in the video is timeless!

If you are new to using archives as an educational aid, click the inspiration pack link below to download a range of ideas for using the collections held in your local archives.

Using Archives for Document Analysis?

The resources below have been developed for those who want to use archives for document analysis projects in schools or community groups. The sheets are completely generic to allow them to be used in conjunction with any archive collection. They have been split by year group and document type and teachers notes are provided for ease of use.

These resources can be used by teachers or archivists working with school groups. Click the links below to download the relevant resources.

Digital Preservation Resources

For anyone interested in the world of digital preservation, the resources provided by the Digital Preservation Coalition are the best place to start. Their free to access handbook provides a step by step guide which includes demonstrations of free to access digital preservation tools.

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Digital Preservation Coalition Handbook

In due course, further resources and help guides will be added. If you have a particular guide or resource you’d like to see included then contact us below. If you are unable to access the resources via the website, please contact us.