#ExploreYourArchive Day: a focus for our campaign

Have you heard about #ExploreYourArchive Day? Read on to find out all about it…

What is #ExploreYourArchive Day?

We introduced #ExploreYourArchive Day in March 2020 to provide a focus day for showcasing archive collections that are related to our monthly campaign themes.

When does #ExploreYourArchive Day take place?

#ExploreYourArchive Day takes place on the 10th of each month. (Keep an eye on Twitter for our reminders!)

Why did #ExploreYourArchive Day start?

We started #ExploreYourArchive Day because we understand that some people can’t commit to contributing to our campaign themes continuously throughout each month. Having one focus day also gives more visibility to the overall Explore Your Archive campaign – especially if we have lots of people taking part!

Who is #ExploreYourArchive Day for?

#ExploreYourArchive Day is for archivists, records managers, conservators, researchers, users and all other archive fans. Absolutely anyone who wants to take part is welcome to join in!

How can I join in with #ExploreYourArchive Day?

You can get involved with #ExploreYourArchive Day by tweeting around the monthly Explore Your Archive theme and using our hashtag (#ExploreYourArchive) or by tagging us (@explorearchives).

Don’t forget to check out the social media page on our website to keep up-to-date with everything that we’re doing!

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